7 years ago I decided to purchase a unit with having no knowledge of body corporate. So once I purchased my unit I went for my first AGM meeting and i knew something was not right and the explanation was not very clear by the body corporate. I decided to educate myself and I called R&S body corporate for advise and decided to meetup with them. After couple of months later R&S Body corporate was looking after the my unit. I was happy I was educated on the laws and what I could do and not do having common areas and restrictions. The service is very personalized and the owners are very approachable. I love the customer service.


I've been on the Body Corporate committee of my property in Brunswick for many years now and have had a lot of dealings with R&S Body Corporate Services over the last 10 years.

My property is in a block of 18 flats comprising 2 main buildings. The flats are surrounded by garden beds and were built in the late 60's. During the time we have been with R&S we have started and completed many projects. Painting of the whole block, replacing fences, installing heavy duty stairwell doors, maintaining the garden, repairing concrete paths, regular inspections of the block, keeping of financial records and AGM minutes, organizing and advising on insurance, repairing and replacing pipes, dealing with disputes and all of the usual general maintenance that needs to be done in a large property.

As well I have always found R&S to be efficient, friendly and responsive to any concerns. During the 10 years they have managed the block of flats I am very happy with all aspects of their performance and I'm happy to recommend them to others.

Chairperson Michael

R&S Body Corporate Services managed my property in Sebastopol, Ballarat over the last 5 years and I express my appreciation as well as endorse the professional services rendered.

R&S Body Corporate did regular inspection of my property and attended to any maintenance needs promptly. Pruning trees, weeding, repairs and other maintenance and improvements were done to the required standard and my satisfaction.

Communication between parties involved, namely real estate, other landlords and me was efficient. Electronic, phone, social media communication and even meeting me in person kept me informed and updated with any problems, feedbacks and other developments.

AGM was organised professionally, always taking into consideration the needs of the attendees and the suggestions and recommendations made were to the benefit of all the parties involved. The meeting records were very explicit and communicated immediately after the meetings. Property matters and documents were stored safely and made accessible when required.

 R & S services to my property was superb. The friendly, efficient approach and professionalism with which they managed my property, I’ve no hesitation in recommending R & S Body corporate to others.

Satya Goundan